Texas Holdem Rules and Tips, Why Bother?

Playing Texas Holdem Poker is fun and exciting too. If you have observed this particular poker game or have watched WPT or the World Poker Tour in TV, perhaps you will agree why indeed this poker variant is truly exhilarating card game. However, before we sit down and play we need to know some Texas Holdem Rules and Tips. We believe that knowing at least some Texas Holdem Rules and Tips is a must for everyone and anyone interested in becoming good at this card game. One of these Texas Holdem Rules and Tips that we are going to share is this poker game operates.

Like any other poker game variant, Texas Holdem uses a standard 52 deck of cards. Players sit down around a dealer, who is also designated to collect bets and to exchange your money for chips. The second Texas Holdem Rules and Tips that we are emphasizing now is how the dealer distributes cards and how the betting begins. Players are required first to place in the minimum initial bet in the poker table.

Some poker tables have circles in front of each player to indicate these are players’ chip for betting. Others do not have this spot, in that case the dealer instructs the player to place their bets forward to determine how much they would be wagering. The dealer starts distributing two cards to the leftmost player every first round of a game. Afterwards, the distribution of cards rotates clockwise among the players. Furthermore, the distribution should be one card at a time. The first player how receives the first card is required to post blind. This blind is an additional bet so that when that player’s turn to bet in the flop, he or she can check already unless nobody puts an extra bet.

In Texas Holdem, the flop is the betting turn wherein the dealer exposes three cards on the table. Furthermore, check in poker simply means playing your cards not requiring you to put anymore chips. In other variants of Texas Holdem Poker there is a small and big blind. The small blind is posted by the player who receives the first card. Then the big blind is posted by the player to the left who placed the small one. The amount or number of chips placed in a big blind is usually twice as much of the small blind.

The last person who completes his hand, (a hand in Poker terms means the cards being distributed to you and/or those being exposed by the banker) usually starts the poker round.

Perhaps, now you see why it is important to know completely Texas Holdem Rules and Tips. Finally, to fully enjoy and understand the game let us commence playing now. Who knows next time you would be the one sharing your Texas Holdem rules and tips.